Earthquake Emergency Project (EEP)

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015, ECO-Nepal along with its partner/donor, DCA, implemented "Humanitarian Relief Support Program to Earthquake Victims in Gorkha District" under Earthquake Emergency Project (EEP) in various VDCs of Gorkha district.
Objective of the project
To provide emergency humanitarian support to the earthquake survivor and support to early recovery to build better live of the communities.
Specific Objectives/ Thematic Area:
       To provide first phase emergency relief response to stranded families
       Transitional Shelters.
       Secure livelihoods and food security
       Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
       Psychosocial Support
       Strengthening DRR at the District, VDC level
Project Phases:
-          First Phase: 29th April - 31st June 015 (Earthquake Emergency Response Project/ EERP)
-          Second Phase: up to 15th October 015
-          Third Phase: 16th October 015 - April 2016
Working V.D.Cs 
First phase: (Emergency Relief Response)
       Gorkha Municipality
       Dhawa V.D.C
       Lho V.D.C
       Prok V.D.C
       Chhekampar V.D.C
       Barpak V.D.C
       Hansapur V.D.C
       Simjong V.D.C
       Saurpani V.D.C
       Aruchanaute V.D.C
       Second Phase & Third Phase (Recovery response)
       Baguwa V.D.C
       Dhawa V.D.C
       Tanglichowk V.D.C
       Makaisingh V.D.C
       Ghyalchowk V.D.C
       Bhumlichowk V.D.C
       Chhekampar V.D.C