Nepal Earthquake Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (3R)

The "Nepal Earthquake Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (3R) Project" was designed to link with, expand on, and maximize the value of the NPL151 project, that focused on relief, rescue and early recovery, afterwards May 2016. More sustainable and long term impact programmes for the thematic areas: WASH, Livelihood, Shelter, Psychosocial Support and DRR were planned for the NPL 161 project to comprehensively contribute to the recovery and resilience of earthquake affected communities in Nepal. The project was due to be completed by July, 2017 but it has been extended till October, 2017 to complete all remaining activities. The total period of the project now stood at 18 months. The project was successfully implemented in then Ghyalchowk, Bhumlichowk, Tanglichowk and Makaising VDCs which now fall into Gandaki Rural Municipality’s (RM) ward numbers- 7 & 8, 6, 2 and 1 respectively.

The project till date has been able to make many noticeable differences in the community of the project area of Gandaki Rural Municipality (RM) and now has touched Gorkha Municipality as well. Major thematic wise interventions included:

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH):

1. Construction of 12 Drinking Water Supply (DWS) schemes

2. Construction of 2 disabled friendly school toilets

3. Complementary hygiene promotion programmes in community, scheme site areas and 10 schools


Cash support provided to 320 HHs which supported in realising their business plan after sectoral trainings and affiliation to livelihood groups.

'Healthy Garden Healthy Home' a concept that integrates livelihood, nutrition and WASH to promote tunnel and drip irrigation farming for improving productivity of rural and homestead farms in Makaising and Tanglichowk implemented rapidly in active participation of community people showing some encouraging results and yields.

Disaster Risk Reduction:

60 local masons were trained in building construction as per government standards to support the reconstruction process.

Various DRR committees are formed, trained, strengthened and prepositioned with equipments for promoting disaster preparedness of community.

Small scale mitigation work done in one place (Buttar of Gandaki RM) to advert a prevalent and unavoidable disaster otherwise.

Psychosocial Support Program:

PSS has been integrated into the project to ensure overall psychosocial well being to the community.

Mediation centres formed and or revived with trained community mediators in project area

10 schools, their teachers and students oriented and trained with basic PSS knowledge and stress management