SWC Monitoring and Evaluation Visit

Social Welfare Committee (SWC) made monitoring and evaluation visit on 28th -29th January, 2017 for the evaluation of our previous project “Earthquake Emergency Response Project (EEP)” that was implemented after the 25 April, 2015 erathquake. Relief and rescue was the immediate priority of the project and the project swifly moved into more sustainable interventions in the recovery phases.

ECO-Nepal, Gorkha branch prepared for making the SWC visit successful and smooth. Presentation on project activities and community to be visited was presented by District Project Officer. After completion of presentation, discussion session was carried out where SWC team interacted with ECO-Nepal and DCA representatives. On 29th January, 2017, SWC team along with DCA and ECO-Nepal representatives headed towards Tanglichowk VDC where Ranikuwa DWS was observed and evaluated. SWC team interacted with beneficiaries. Moving on, in Dal Bhanjhyang VDC ongoing building construction carried out by trained masons was observed followed by visit of school latrines constructed in the VDC. Interaction meeting was carried out between SWC team and beneficiaries along with DCA and ECO-Nepal representatives. In the program, SWC team questioned and interacted about activities carried out, effects on people and their attitude towards it.

Brief Introduction of VDC Evaluated:

Ø                                Location : Tanglichowk VDC-  , Gorkha

                   Major Support:

·         Ranikuwa DWS

·         Total Households: 12

·         Caste: All Dalits (100%)

·         Total Population: 374 (Female:172 Male:202)

Ø                                 Location: Dal Bhanjhyang VDC-8, Gorkha

              Major support:

·         Mason Training

·         Construction of 2-room school toilet (24 boys and 21 girls benefited)

·         Sanitation fitting works.


In the discussion meeting in Dal Bhanjhyang VDC lots of feedback were received. “ECO-Nepal and its donor made us feel relieved and secure during emergency phase with its financial support of Rs.15, 000 which made women independent, arrangement of good drinking water made life easier and we hope such inspiring activities in coming days too” answered Til Maya Thapa, one of the beneficiary of Dal Bhannjhyang VDC when SWC team questioned about activities of ECO-Nepal and their  feedback. Similarly, Tanka Bhasyal, Health Incharge of Tanglichowk VDC in the interaction with SWC team mentioned that “ECO-Nepal had worked in transparent and accountable manner by displaying all the details of financial aspect of the activities carried out”.  Finally, discussion meeting was ended with warm regards and SWC team responded in very positive manner along with appreciation about the activities of ECO-Nepal and its donor.

SWC officials monitoring construction work by ECO-Nepal trained masons


The SWC visit for evaluation and monitoring of activities proved to be very effective and inspirational as well. The visit provided opportunity to ECO-Nepal to collect attitude of beneficiaries towards the implemented activity. Positive response of both beneficiaries and SWC team added fuel in working capacity and commitment in welfare of the VDCs whereas visit and the interaction also proved to be good platform to analyze the gaps and work to fulfill them in coming days.



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