Nepal Earthquake Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (3R) Project

ECO-Nepal is clearly aware that in order to complete the activities planned and achieve fruitful results it is very important to build the capacity and understanding of our staffs working as well as our beneficiaries in the field so that they can conduct the activities smoothly. With this understanding, in 27th, 28th, and 29th March, 2017 '3 days PHVCA Training' was conducted in Siddhartha Hotel, Chumlingtar with the facilitation of Mr. Ram Kumar Dahal and Mr. Aashish Devkota District Program Officer (DPO), ECO-Nepal.

The main objective of the training was to understand the PHVCA tools. Training aimed to familiarize participants with disaster terms and PHVCA tools and its importance so that they can apply it in their VDC.

The majority of the participants in the training were members of Disaster Management Committees (DMCs) from our working areas. .The first two days was focused on the basic definitions of terms in DRR. First-day training started with the introduction of DRR terminologies and the concept of 'Built back better (BBB)'. In another session, resource person discussed four working areas of Sendai declaration (2015-2030). The second day focused on the various tools for conducting VCA along with group exercises on the tools.

In the final day, learning was to be done practically in the field. All the participants headed to Makaising, Butar-2 and conducted a field exercise with the community members in ward number 2, Butar VDC where a vulnerability and risk mapping was done. The communities mapped both hazards and vulnerabilities such as; fire, landslides, floods, soil erosion, storms, disease outbreaks along with capacities such as; ponds, school, temples, police stations, water sources etc. The community members showed interest and participated with much enthusiasm, they expressed that it was an important exercise for the community as they were able to identify and internalize their exposures to current risks due to the potential hazards. 

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