Ongoing Drinking Water Supply (DWS) Schemes Construction

Demand for water is at even more height in Gorkha after the April 25, 2015 earthquake. ECO-Nepal in partnership with DCA, through our earlier project, completed construction and renovation of 23 water supply schemes in then six VDCs namely: Baguwa, Dhawa, Makaising, Tanglichowk, Ghyalchowk and Bhumlichowk.

Adhering to the demand and need of community, ECO-Nepal currently is working for construction of 45 DWS schemes in Gandaki, Bhimsen Rural Municipality and Palungtar Municipality with two different funding partners, Dand Church Aid (DCA) and World Vision International Nepal (WVIN). 33 schemes are from DCA and DFID funded 3R project reaching 1726 HHs and 12 schemes are from WVIN funded Gorkha WASH project reaching around 1110 HHs.

Kuwapani DWS before and after construction under DCA (DFID) funded project situated in Dhawa-5. The DWS benefits 372 people of 80 HHs

Water safety plan is made for these schemes with proper water quality testing. User committees are formed/strengthened and basic care and maintenance training and orientations is provided to its members. The user committees are gender and ethnicity inclusive. Sustainability of these schemes are ensured by backing them up with appropriate hygiene promotional programmes targeting the DWS schemes, user committees and beneficiaries. Public audit boards are hoisted after the completion of work.

CHV posting MHM message among 6 key hygiene message in Baguwa
A CHV posting hygiene message poster along side a KAP poster under the DCA (DFID) project

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