ECO-Nepal is a non profit making, nongovernmental national organization established in 2000 registered in Kathmandu under the non government organization act, 2034 from Chief District Office Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal. ECO-Nepal's headquarter is in Kathmandu Nepal. It is working with national stakeholders and international organizations for generating mass awareness, capacity building and advocacy for disaster risk reduction, environment protection, climate change and natural resources conservation with right based approach to the community people as well as policy makers, development workers and civil society.


Every people have well knowledge and capacity to cope environmental hazards and resilience to disaster with the best vacheron constantin replica watches practice and participation living without poverty, environmental and disaster injustice around the Nation.


Aware and empower the people to insure the secured future through wise use of resources, supporting livelihood and disaster risk reduction.


Insure people's capacity to access over resources for sustainable livelihood, quality life, and resilience to disaster and environmental degradation for their secure future.


• To enhance knowledge of disaster management, environment conservation and natural resources management.

• To build capacity of stakeholders on environment, natural resources and disaster management.

• Support montblanc the time traveler fake watches to built disaster resilient community and nation.

Strategic Objectives

• To organize poor and excluded people enabling them to claim their rights (organizing rights holders).

• To enhance the capacity of poor and excluded people to take charge of their own development (capacity building).

• To address the immediate needs of poor and excluded people as a means to the fulfillment of their rights (addressing immediate needs).

• To lobby and advocacy with government and other key national and international agencies in the formulation of pro-poor policies and their effective implementation (improving governance).

• Contribute to conflict management and transformation processes (peace building).

Thematic Area

• Disaster risk management.

• Ecology and ecosystem management.

• Natural resource conservation.

• Climate change adaptation.

Major Works and Achievements

• Print Media-'Paryawaran': A monthly magazine in Nepali providing quality information on Environment, DRR and DM will self explanatory collared Posters. Till to date, 108 issues have already been published.

• Audio Media-'Chetana' Radio Program: A knowledge and information based radio program in Nepali providing quality information, messages and knowledge on Environment, DRR and DM. yet; 150 episodes have already been broadcasted so far. Noteworthy, this program is broadcasted by 18 different radio stations across the country.

• Visual Media- 'Chetana' Television Program: an awareness and knowledge base television program broadcasting since last many months and till now 35 episodes has already been broadcasted through NTV. Now the program Bhukampiya Chetana Earthquake Awareness is developing and transmitting from Nepal Television and Avenues Television every week.

• Eco-Nepal has been organizing different panel discussion, montblanc replica watches talk show and media workshop for advocacy and media sensitization.

Policy and Planning support

• Technical support to develop District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) and Local Disaster Risk Management Plan Guideline (LDRMP), and government policies.

• Technical support to prepare different District Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DDPRP) and District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) ie. Rukum, Kailali, Nawalparasi, Sindhupalchok, Rupendehi and Sarlahi districts.

• Community Based Disaster Risk Management Project Intervention in Muglukhola Watershed in Rukum district as a consortium partner. Technical support to community for conducting LDRMP preparation training and preparing VDRMP and CDRMP in Dolakha, Sindhupalchok, and Rukum district.

Organizational Structure

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Executive Committee

Chairperson : Mr. Ram Chandra Neupane

Vice Chairperson : Ms. Anju Gautam

General Secretary : Mr. Dayaram Pokharel

Treasurer : Ms. Meena Shahi

Members : Mr. Hari Karki

: Ms. Anita Neupane

: Mr. Ratana Karki

: Mr. Deepak Bhatta

Advisory Board

To achieve the goals and basic objectives of organization and also guide for the success of our programs, ECO-Nepal has an advisory board of renowned personalities from different discipline working nationally and internationally. The advisory board members are:

1. Prof. Dr. Ram P. Chaudhary

2. Prof. Dr. B. N. Uptreti

3. Prof. Dr. Jiba Raj Pokhrel

4. Dr. Madhav Karki

5. Mr. Narayan Belbase

6. Dr. Ranjana Gupta

7. Ms. Yamuna Ghale

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