About ECO-Nepal

ECO-Nepal is a non profit making, nongovernmental national organization established in 2000 registered in Kathmandu under the non government organization act, 2034 from Chief District Office Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal. ECO-Nepal's headquarter is in Kathmandu Nepal. It is working with national stakeholders and international organizations for generating mass awareness, capacity building and advocacy for disaster risk reduction, environment protection, climate change and natural resources conservation with right based approach to the community people as well as policy makers, development workers and civil society.

Our Publications

CONFERENCE ON LOCAL LEADERSHIP IN DISASTER RESILIENCE: Towards Building a National and Regional Community of Practice of Local Community-Based Organizations (CBOs):

A three day international conference on "LEADERSHIP IN DISASTER RESILIENCE: Towards Building a National and Regional Community of Practice of Local Community-Based Organizations" was organized at Grand Hotel, Kathmandu Nepal from 14-16, November, 2017 in partnership with International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) and Give2Asia. The conference was actively attended by representatives of 14 NGOs and CBOs from Bangladesh and representatives of 23 NGOs, CBOs and networks from Nepal. The program was facilitated by 6 representatives from IIRR and Give2Asia and 6 member organizing team from ECO-Nepal.

The conference was a part of the NGO Disaster Preparedness Program (NGODPP) Phase II: Deepening Disaster Resilience” that includes preparedness, capacity building, and partnership development, all with the goals of:

• Creating a network for community-based organizations in South and Southeast Asia to learn from and share information with peer organizations in the region; and

• Building a donor group that is engaged in understanding where private philanthropy can partner to establish and expand community-based disaster preparedness efforts.

Specifically, the conference was able to achieve the following:

1. Orient the participants and build a shared understanding of community-managed disaster risk reduction and preparedness that highlights the roles and potential programs that CBOs can implement;

2. Map the country level landscape in terms of existing polices and mechanisms for collaboration in disaster risk reduction, preparedness, relief and recovery;

3. Identify on a per country basis, the priority areas for capacity development that the program will address both during face to face training sessions and in the online learning platforms;

4. Draft a terms of reference for setting up a country and regional CBO network to facilitate learning exchanges and collaboration in DRR, preparedness, relief and recovery.


Our Goal:

Insure people's capacity to access over resources for sustainable livelihood, quality life, and resilience to disaster and environmental degradation for their secure future. Aware and empower the people to insure the secured future through wise use of resources, supporting livelihood and disaster risk reduction. Every people have well knowledge and capacity to cope environmental hazards and resilience to disaster with the best vacheron constantin replica watches practice and participation living without poverty, environmental and disaster injustice around the Nation.  

Programs & Projects

Gorkha Wash Project

Name of Project: Gorkha WASH Project Name of Donor Organization: World Vision International Nepal (WVIN) Approximately 1,800 HHs will be benefited from 12 numbers of small & medium scale community water supply construction and renovation and 2000 individuals in the most disadvantaged clusters.  

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Reconstruction and Resilience (3R) Project

ECO-Nepal along with its donor DCA had been implementing the Earthquake Emergency Project (EEP) in VDCs of Gorkha District since April, 2015, soon after the mega earthquake of 15th April, 2015.The project till date has been able to make many noticeable differences in the community of the project area of Gandaki Rural Municipality.  

Earthquake Emergency Project (EEP)

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015, ECO-Nepal implemented "Humanitarian Relief Support Program to Earthquake Victims in Gorkha District" under Earthquake Emergency Project (EEP) in various VDCs of Gorkha district. Earthquake Emergency Project.  

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More sustainable and long term impact programmes for the thematic areas: WASH, Livelihood, Shelter, Psychosocial Support and DRR have been designed for the NPL 161 project to comprehensively contribute to the recovery and resilience of earthquake affected communities in Nepal. The project was due to be completed by July, 2017 but it has been extended till October, 2017 to complete all remaining activities. The total period of the project now stands at 18 months. The project is being implemented in then Ghyalchowk, Bhumlichowk, Tanglichowk and Makaising VDCs which now fall into Gandaki Rural Municipality’s (RM) ward numbers- 7 &8, 6, 2 and 1 respectively.

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